Built in 1967 by my father, it was a classy country club for the day. But times change and the owners desired to give the bar a bit more of a modern feel. We were invited to refurbish the bar and kitchen.

Stock being glued up for the radiused bar edge.

The completed bar. The upper cabinets were built as alternating display cabinets for both inside and outside the bar.

The back bar was redesigned to display the bottle and glasses up higher, and the lower cabinets were made to look like old fashioned ice boxes.

All lighting was placed on dimmer switches so as to be able to control light levels and set the "Mood". The stained glass was back lit to make the glass seem like it was on fire.

Below is a small residential bar that we were commissioned to build.

Built as a dry bar, no waste lines were available to dispose of waste water. The cost of cutting and patching the concrete to facilitate a sink was prohibitive.