New Construction Services for Binghamton, NY

We can build your project from the ground up.

Hidden Valley Archery indoor range and pro shop. We were invited to construct a new pro shop for the range and refurbish the existing lanes, pro shop, and lounge.

The original building was built on a monolithic slab, so we used the same method of foundation system to allow the buildings to move in the same manner.

With the framing up, it's almost time to start putting the roof on.

While most of the siding was simple Hemlock board and batten, we milled shiplap siding from hemlock boards and installed them on a diagonal pattern to attract people's eyes and attention to the door on the side of the building. It also broke up the visual monotony of all vertical siding.

A night time view with plenty of exterior lighting to illuminate the walk way.

The interior rough framing with roofing, siding, doors and windows installed, rough wiring completed, and insulation work in progress.

The completed pro shop, with western red cedar service counters/display cases and plastic laminate counter tops.

Most walls were covered with slot wall to facilitate the display of merchandise for sale.

Looking from the original pro shop into the new larger shop. Two large flared light wells give plenty of natural daylight from the skylights during the day time.

Storage cabinets behind the service counters.

The open shelves provided storage for a wide range of paper targets.