Institutional Mill Work

The original Town of Fenton courtroom consisted of a platform with a couple of old desks, a couple of steel tables, and some chairs. New York State Office of Court Administration required the courtroom to be upgraded to current standards. This was done in stages, with the first stage being the replacement of the judicial bench.

Finalizing the design for the judicial bench and witness stand.

A view behind the bench.

Framework and panel sections being installed for the new bench.

The completed bench, witness stand, locking door, stairs and desk. Carpeting by others.

The winding stairs leading up to the bench.

The new desk and filing cabinets.

The witness box.

After the judicial bench was built, we supplied and installed the counselors tables.

We next built the railings that separate the galley from the court.

And finally, we fabricated two new benches to match the original church pews used for seating. This filled out the galley seating and completed the courtroom renovations.