Fire Damage & Restoration, During Reconstruction

With the old roof removed, framing of the new roof begins. The chimney has been torn down to a solid point, new sheets of subflooring have been carried to the attic space as there won't be any way to do so after the new roof is installed.

Projects of this nature are difficult as the remainder of the house must be kept dry while the new framing is taking shape. As usual, Mother Nature did not wish to co-operate, and there were many rainy days and sleepless nights.

The new rough framing taking shape.

Though the mid span support beams were charred, they were structurally sound and able to be re-used. They were later encapsulated in a spray sealant to suppress odor.

Most of the fire damage on this end that we replaced was from the first fire in 1946.

The new interior wall framing and rough wiring.

During reconstruction we installed a vapor barrier to help prevent moisture from entering the wall and ceiling cavities.