Garage Restoration 2

As part of a whole house, interior and exterior renovation project, we were asked to refurbish this garage. Previous owners had added on to it, but did not follow code nor sound building practices. The end result was that it had completely deteriorated. Though the owner wanted to maintain the existing layout, the additions had been built on one inch of blacktop and were sinking into the ground. Regular construction grade lumber had been used, and concrete poured both sides of the wall. There was nothing to be saved. The expense of new footings and concrete was not within the budget allowance, therefore the decision was made to restore the garage to its original size.

Not much left to work with.

The roofing didn't even cover the siding, allowing rain water to seep down into walls.

Window broken out, holes through the roof, posts sinking into the ground, it's time to shoot the old girl and put her out of her misery.

I don't know if the walls came tumbling down, but the roof definitely did!

Looking through the original garage and out what was once a large steel sash window and block wall.

Some new windows installed, block wall patched in, furring strips anchored, it's almost time to re-side the garage. Just need to finish up some soffit and fascia.

That looks a little better. All new track and springs for the overhead door. A new pass door, new windows, roof and siding, she once again looks respectable and should keep the rain out for a day or two.

The owner elected to leave this slab intact even though there was blacktop beneath it. We installed new sections of fencing to once again close off the back yard so that the dogs could run freely.