Garage Renovations 4

This commercial garage formerly owned by a masonry contractor has been neglected for many years. The original structure was 32' deep x 50' wide. An addition was later added that was 24' deep x 50 'wide, making a total structure that is 50' x 50'.

Years of neglect have left the building unusable in its present state. The smell of mold was overwhelming, roof leaking very badly, and the roof deck and rafters rotten to the point of being unusable.

The original garage with a flat roof.

The addition, with a slightly pitched roof and parapet walls.

Getting started with a new load bearing wall to carry the ridge beam.

The original garage was well built with steel beams to carry the roof load, and a built-in engine hoist for repairing equipment.

The air compressor was suspended from steel I Beams to free up floor space.

Framing in progress.

The rear elevation framing.

The new gable end, T-111 sheathing for siding, aluminum attic vent.

Ready to start laying shingles.

The interior views of the framing.

Cleaning and painting being done by owner.