Storm Damage 2

Below are before and after shots of the interior of the home. The living room is much more spacious and is more conducive to entertaining.

We custom milled all mouldings and trim for this repair/renovation.

The living room right after Mother Nature came calling.

Taken from approximately the same spot, you can easily see that there is a significant difference in the size and appearance of the living room.

Adirondack style ceiling fans help keep the room cool in summer, give lighting on dark evenings, and contribute to the overall style and atmosphere of the room.

The closets are awaiting custom mirrored bi-folding pine doors.

A spacious tile floor allows plenty of room to get in out of the cold without getting carpeting wet or snowy. Two closets provide ample room for coats, which can be rotated for the particular season.

Custom pine bifolding closet doors with mirrors finished to match trim make this living room appear larger than it really is.

A close up view of the completed door.

A close up view of window trims and accompanying moldings.