New wall board will be primed and painted to the customers specifications.

Pan liner is in place, and a mortar bed will be poured for the tile floor.

A 6 mil plastic vapor barrior protects the wall cavity from moisture

Begining cabinet installation

Drain installed, and mortar bed poured

Cabinets have been installed, walls and floors prepped; now it's time for final tile color and design decisions to be made.

So many surfaces, so many choices and combinations

Done with Mission style doors and large 13 x 13 tiles, this Master Bath has a simple, yet elegant look. The design gives visual interest, while providing easily cleaned and maintained surfaces. An adequate supply of GFI protected receptacles allows several electronic devices to be plugged in simultaneously on the large, spacious counter top

Even the large shelf on the left side of the base cabinet is vertically adjustable. The tip down sink front increases the storage capacity of the vanity

Adjustable shelving, throughout all cabinets, provides the owner tremendous flexibility for the storage of personal effects.

A sturdy grab bar has been placed just inside the opening to assist the bather with stepping over the curb. Brown diamonds were sawn from the 13 x 13 field tiles used on the bathroom waiscoting and incororated into the geometric design of the shower walls. Interweaving colors and accent strip give the overall tile work a uniform and cohesive look.

Grab bars have been strategically placed around the shower for safety and stability. The vertical bar over the bench assists the bather with standing. The horizontal bar gives the bather something to steady themselves when standing.

The central grab bar also incorporates a shelf for soaps, bottles, etc.

His and hers shower niches / corner shelves give generous amounts of storage space for bottles, razors, etc.

A spacious bench allows the bather to sit and relax and enjoy the soothing warmth of the shower spray

A thermal and GFI protected recessed can light gives plenty of light to the space. A new ceiling exhaust fan with heat and light was installed.