Custom Bath Cabinetry in Qtr. Sawn White Oak

We are building new cabinets and moldings for two bath gut remodels prior to commencing the renovations. This way we can expedite the completion date by having the new cabinetry ready to install as soon as it is time.

This is a new medicine cabinet with attached storage cabinets, two open display areas, and a central light for the master bath. Both medicine and storage cabinets will have fully adjustable shelves. Matching oak crown molding with be installed around the ceilings of both bathrooms.

This is the base vanity for the master bath. It will feature a built in toilet paper dispenser, tip down sink front tray, four pull out drawers and shelving. The large shelf to the left is vertically adjustable.

This vanity is going in the guest bath room. It will be accompanied by a tri-view, wall mounted, medicine cabinet. Shelves are stationary.

We are about to begin demolition of the original bath room. Since it's construction, the bath has had little done to it. Some new wall paper, a new sheet vinyl floor, a new sink faucet. It's time for a complete renovation and new look.

Though fiberglass tub showers are a quality product, eventually years of cleaning and scrubbing mineral deposits from the water will wear away the gel coat. While this shower could have been re-glazed in place, the owner want a completely different look.

The original vanity only has one duplex receptacle, and that's on a circuit with many other electrical devices. We will be installing receptacles on either side of the sink, and placing them on their own 20 amp GFI circut.

With the old bath gutted, new wall board has been installed, cement backer board in the "wet area". and a new tub. The head wall has been framed, and we are now ready to rough in the tub/shower faucet.

The new medicine cabinet will be recessed into the wall.

Ceramic tile floors can feel cool under your feet. The decision to install warming mats under the tile was made, and this is the mat being installed. Resistance to electrical current flowing through the wire will produce heat and keep the floor toasty warm.

Floor leveling compound will be poured over the mat to encapsulate it and protect the wire, as well as provide a level surface on which to lay the tile.

The owners chose to install ceramic tile on the ceiling, making this a completely tiled tub/shower. No need to worry about steam or condensation. The ceiling was done in the same tile and pattern as the floor. A GFI/thermally protected light was added to provide plenty of lighting.

This room has proven to be difficult to photograph. Being narrow, its hard to get far enough back to show much detail in a single photo.

A grab bar was added to assist in rising from the tub.

A two shelf shower niche was installed, and two generous corner shelves for shampoos, soaps, lotions, ect. A curved shower curtain rod helps keep the curtain away from the bather and provide more elbow room. The outer rod serves as a towel bar.

A large, picture framed accent was added to the back wall to give visual interest and break up the monotony of stacked up tile.

New window jamb and casing was milled and install using white oak.

The new completed bathroom. It now has a more sophisticated and upscale look. A drastic change from the before photo's. Easy to wash down, the all tile surfaces make it water proof and indestructible.

The completed white oak vanity with mission style doors. Simple, yet elegant

All cabinets and moldings in this bathroom remodel were done with custom milled quarter sawn white oak. The tri view medicine cabinet was recessed into the wall.

A programmable thermostat allows the owners to control when the floor will be heated and to what temperature. It can be left at a constant 82 degrees, made to cycle on or off according to schedule, or dropped down low while on vacation.